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Dylan Dickerson, Brett Nash, Marshall Brown

Dylan Dickerson, Brett Nash, Marshall Brown

"It's sort of like the hacky sack of juggling"

SHOWS showed up to the pod before a Dear Blanca practice last week ahead of their tour with the Sloppy boys. Dylan Dickerson (SHOWS, Dear Blanca), Brett Nash (8 bands we learned including SHOWS and Dear Blanca), and Marshall Brown (SHOWS, holy pine, etc.) performed a new song called “Marshman” and then Marsh dipped out to go to the Bavarian Circus and Dylan and Brett hung out for a chat.

Here are five memorable quotes as chosen by ChatGPT

  1. "The first song you ever wrote bro"​​

  2. "That's the sound of my brain trying to think about that"​​

  3. "These lyrics are like verse two is very similar to verse one but it's a little..."​​

  4. "He has some heavily cheesy lyrics that I love, you know, like I leaned into that"​​

  5. "Music that doesn't put out any music; they're just not putting it out"​​

Indigo Sounds Newsletter
Indigo Sounds
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